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Spike 1.4 Leiden 01.02.2011

The version, which took a shared 2nd place at the 30. open dutch computerchess championships.

New features are:

  • again an increased searching depth by better selectivity and the usage of LMR
  • supports up to 12 cores
  • possibility for limiting playing strength
  • many many small changes in search and evaluation

Spike 1.2 Turin (Linux) 11.03.2007

The Linux-version of Spike 1.2 Turin.

Spike 1.2 Turin 08. Juli 2006

The version, which tied for the 5th place at the WCCC 2006 in Torino.

New features are:

  • increased searching depth by better selectivity
  • more agressive playing style
  • a plain position learning
  • multi-pv-analyzemode is now supported

Position learning has to be switched on or off by the spike config-file.

We hope that the playing strength of this version is a bit increased compared to Spike 1.1, but we can't give an exact number - we have to wait for all those nice test tournaments :-)

Spike 1.1 27. Januar 2006

This is nearly the version, with which we played the second Paderborn tourney in 2005. Finally we managed to be on a shared 2. place with Gandalf, Zappa and Shredder. The great winner of the 15. IPCCC was the "sensation of the year", Rybka.

In this version, there were many little tweaks in the positional evaluation. Spike should now be able to handle situations with imbalanced material better than before. The values of passed pawns are raised a bit, especially for outside passers. And, like in almost every version, some changes to the king-safety were done ;-)

In search we activated now futility-pruning. Beside this there were some hash-related bugfixes.

According to the new CEGT rating list (based on ca. 1000 games) list, this version is improved by nearly 40 Elo!

Spike 1.0a Mainz 15. August 2005

This version won the 1. Livingston Chess960 Computer World Championship in Mainz 2005!

    New features (beside some bugfixes) are:
  • Ability to play Chess960 via UCI-Mode and Winboard-Mode
  • Nalimov EGTB Support
  • An estimated improvement of nearly 50-80 ELO!

Spike 0.9a 20. April 2005

Paderborn 2005 version. There have been some major changes since the release of 0.8a. Because of an aggressive history-pruning Spike is now able to reach 1-3 additional plys in search, dependent from the time-management. In the evaluation part we introduced now a kind of mobility, which lead obviously to a better positional playing style. Other major changes were the tuning of the passed-pawn code and the pawnshield in front of the king. The latter leads to agressive but not always correct sacrifices for having a king attack.

    Again the major changes in a few words:
  • History pruning
  • Mobility
  • Tuning of passed pawns
  • Changed pawnshield evaluation

Spike will now also be available in the future setups of the Arena Chess-GUI. We thank Martin Blume und Frank Quisinsky. Arena is in our opinion a great Software, which tempted us to write an own engine. Probably without Arena there would be no Spike :-)

Spike 0.8a 21. November 2004
  • Improved king safety
  • Enhanced evaluation of weak pawns
  • Evaluation of passed pawns is slightly changed
  • More endgame evaluations, especially for endgames without pawns
  • Some changes in search which results in a smaller search tree at same depth
  • Program for editing the configuration file is included
  • Including of own opening books is now possible with the Bookbuilder
Spike 0.7 7. September 2004
First public version!
  • More efficient SEE-Pruning
  • Better transition from midgame to endgame
  • More flexible evaluation of isolated pawns
  • Evaluation of weak pawns
Last Change: 11.03.2007